Thursday, March 17, 2011


Obama’s most self-indulgent moment was broadcast on national television this week when, in the midst of numerous crises crying out for American leadership, he took time to film his picks for the NCAA basketball tournament brackets for broadcast by the ESPN sports network.

This follows a two-year string of self-indulgences by Obama since he became president that has demonstrated to the world that nothing comes before Obama’s me-time.

...Now, with the Middle East in flames and America’s closest Asian ally teetering on collapse from the triple-whammy of a 9.0 earthquake, subsequent apocalytic tsunami and multiple nuclear power plant failures, Obama has spent his time golfing, partying with the press, fundraising, hanging out with athletes, prepping for his NCAA brackets presentation and getting ready for the Obama family taxpayer funded Spring Break trip to Rio de Janeiro this weekend.

The f*ing world is on fire and Commander in 'Tard is partying.
There's a time and place for that. Be a man.

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