Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moral Relativism

According to the man ABC News relies on for religious analysis, it's impossible to say whether Osama bin Laden was "evil." Father Edward Beck, the network's religion correspondent, appeared with Bill O'Reilly on Tuesday and offered moral equivalence on the subject of the terrorist's death.

When the O'Reilly Factor anchor pressed Beck on whether bin Laden truly represented malevolence, Beck replied, "That's not for me to judge. His actions were certainly were evil."

...O'REILLY: Not for you to judge?

BECK: His actions certainly were evil and they caused a lot of harm and disruption.

O'REILLY: So you can't as a human being make a determination on good and evil? You cannot do that?

BECK: No, I think that's up God to ultimately decide who's evil.

O'REILLY: See? I can and I'm -- I'll probably be punished for it by the deity but --

BECK: I see a man's actions. I don't know a man's heart ever, totally.

O'REILLY: Well, I think I know bin Laden's heart.

BECK: I can say the actions were wrong and despicable and needed to be punished.
Yeah, what-evah.
God gave man the freedom to choose. We choose to go on the side of good, or we choose to go on the side of evil. It's really quite simple. Bin Laden chose evil.

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