Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh, It's Just A Bad Hair Day

It seems the latest theory surrounding Barack Obama is the presence of what appears to be scars on his head. Scars that, if true, haven‘t been explained and some say show he’s had brain surgery.
Whatever happened to create that scar, it was clearly something serious. Was it a brain operation? Has it affected his thinking? Is he really an alien from another planet, which would explain no birth certificate? We have no proof as to where he was born, to whom, where he came from, or what is national origin is. Maybe he’s one of the androids (a replicant), like in Bladerunner, not really human at all.
Well..hell. There ya go. Now we can put to rest all these conspiracy theories floating around. This also explains those baffling questions I've always had as to why Number One shows definite signs of being D.I. (Developmentally Impaired).

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