Monday, March 22, 2010

Socialized Medicine

What a rotten day this turned out for me after hearing the health care reform legislation had been passed. What the hell is wrong with these politicians? Every single one of those Democraps. Where does Nancy Pelosi and her ilks find the nerve to ignore the American people? How is it possible that they just don't care that the majority have spoken?

When this socialized medicine becomes law, what's going to happen to my handicapped child then? What's going to happen when the government will be the deciding factor if my handicapped child will be eligible to live? What will happen when the government decides that my child with disabilities is not a productive part of this society, so they will ration her care to the point that she will not survive the little care that she receives? Because her health is so fragile, what will happen when the government will decide that they can't afford to give her an ultrasound for having a simple tummy ache? But in fact, a simple tummy ache for her could be life threatening. My daughter cannot take generic anti-convulsant medication. What will happen to her when the government will take away our Brand name medication which has been controlling the life threatening convulsive epilepsy that she has? Generic medicine will surely kill her. The government will kill her. They will decide whether my daughter should live or die. And they could care less either way, that's obvious by the decision they've made not to listen to the American people.

What can I do? Who can I rely on? Who can I trust? We're at the mercy of these politicians. The doctor's will also have their hands tied by these morons. My daughter will surely die under this government controlled socialized medicine. That I know is certain. If that isn't enough to fill me with disdain, I don't know what is. If someone can tell me otherwise...I'm all ears.
Frankly.....politics is bullshit.

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MMC said...

I know nothing I could possibly say will make you feel any better at the moment. But I am sorry you are so upset, that you are thinking and feeling this way about your little munchkin.

I was going to say Keep the Faith but maybe I'll just leave it with hoping you find some peace and comfort somewhere soon.