Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter At CPAC

Representative Thaddeus McCotter gave a very impressive speech today at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

"There's been some word. I've heard that the Republican Party and the conservative movement constitutes the party of "no." I think if you look at the facts should disabuse people of that notion. Afterall, when the American people ask for constitutional limited government, the Democrats said, "no." When the American people asked for fiscal integrity in disciplining government spending, the Democrats said, "no." When the American people asked for smaller deficits and a reduction of the debt, the Democrats said, "no." -- When the American people asked to keep the consensus against using your tax dollars for abortions at home and abroad, the Democrats said, "no." And when the American people asked to have the current government run health care plan scrapped and to start from scratch for free market patient center principles, the Democratic party said, "no." -- Because the American people know that, to the American people, it is the Democratic Party that says, "no." And to the American people...we say, "yes." Because we have always understood that America's ultimate strength and salvation remains for a free people."

"We must empower the American people to channel necessary instructive change. We must defend America from her enemies. And pursuing these goals we abide five permanent principles:

...Our liberty is from God not the government.
...Our sovereignty is in our souls not the soil of the septor.
...Our security is from strength, not of surrender or appeasement.
...Our prosperity is from the private sector, not the public sector.
...And our truthes are self evident, not relative."

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