Sunday, January 24, 2010

Most Pathetic Photo Evah

No. Rly. PREsident Obama needs a teleprompter to talk to sixth graders. Seriously.

Here's President TOTUS the other day in Falls Church, VA speaking to a group of sixth graders. You would think this towering intellect could ad lib for five minutes for some kids, but you'd be wrong.

He really is pathetic.

In case you think this is a Photoshop gag, more of the photos are here.

Via here.
UPDATE via Ace: Apparently the teleprompter was set up for a presser held afterwards. Still I'm inclined to show as much charity to Obama as the left gave to Bush i.e. none. And even if it was for a presser, needing a teleprompter is still kind of embarrassing. We're talking about giving a prepared statement and answering a few questions here, not the Gettysburg Address.
Hat tip to JWF, Gateway Pundit, Hot Air, AoSHQ

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